Cointelegraph Consulting: Institutions are optimistic about Bitcoin, but what about retail?

13. Dezember 2020

Graphs and data from the last two weeks show that retail traders have fallen and the purchase of BTC has been stopped.

Cointelegraph Consulting: Institutions are optimistic about Bitcoin, but what about retail?

Santiment’s latest findings, published in Cointelegraph Consulting’s bi-weekly newsletter, indicate that the combined balance of portfolios with small amounts of Bitcoin (BTC) continues to decline. This shows a downward trend in retail holders, which contrasts sharply with the aggressive accumulation strategies of large holders.

Social media metrics reinforce what is being seen in on-chain analysis.

Average sentiment toward Bitcoin has declined consistently over the past two weeks, pointing to growing crowd fatigue toward the short-term potential of the major currency.

Another declining number was turnover. Since its November peak of US$60 billion, Profit Revolution review turnover has been declining, reaching only US$29 billion on December 9th. With a drop in sentiment, retail interest and volume of trades, many are skeptical that the new historic high can be broken through.

However, it is worth mentioning that the low sentiment and the lower interest in retail are signs of purchase for those seeking evidence of space for growth. The two biggest breaks in Bitcoin this year, in July and October, originated from a predominantly bearish sentiment.

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