Bitcoin Defies Odds: How To Benefit From Crypto Turmoil?

23. März 2023

• Bitcoin is holding strong despite scrutiny from regulatory bodies and a volatile market.
• High-timeframe investors believe that any pullbacks from the current price point offer a significant opportunity.
• Rising interest rates are challenging both the crypto and stock markets.

Bitcoin Continues To Defy All Odds

Bitcoin’s price point of $27,727 indicates that the cryptocurrency is performing well in spite of facing challenges from regulatory bodies and a volatile market. With all moving averages angled upwards, strong momentum could push prices higher, though structural changes and upcoming airdrops could also play a role in influencing the market’s behavior. Meanwhile, traders can use the S&P 500 range between 0.75 and 0.5 to their advantage by keeping an eye on the broader market’s movements and monitoring its upper and lower limits.

Challenges Presented by Rising Interest Rates

The quarter-point interest rate rise by the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) caused Bitcoin to slide under $27,000 as traders took profits on a 20% gain over seven days; BTC-tracked futures traders experienced over $150 million in losses with longs accounting for over 75% of these losses. The FOMC decision reinforced the Federal Reserve’s commitment to returning inflation to its 2% objective; however, this move caught traders offside causing billions in open interest to be effectively washed out.

High-Timeframe Investors Benefit From Pullbacks

Crypto expert Jonathan Fiorenza believes that any pullbacks from Bitcoin’s current price point offer a significant opportunity for high-timeframe investors to leverage this situation. As such, it may be wise for investors to take note of potential opportunities presented by any dips in Bitcoin’s value which may occur in response to external factors such as rising interest rates or pressure from stock markets.

Staying Up To Date with Industry Developments

As more regulation and scrutiny comes into play within the crypto space, it is important for investors to stay up to date with industry developments so that they can make informed decisions when trading or investing. This includes understanding which news sources are reliable and providing accurate information about what’s happening in order for them to best position themselves profitably over time regardless of market conditions or external pressures affecting prices at any given moment .

Leveraging Volatility For Maximum Returns

It is essential for investors who wish to benefit from Bitcoin’s unpredictable but potentially lucrative nature across different timelines to consider leveraging volatility if possible; this involves strategically buying low during pullbacks or dips when prices are cheaper than usual before selling high once prices have recovered again following an uptrend or other positive catalyst driving demand back up again afterwards .

EU Launches EU-Wide Digital Wallet with ZK-Proof Tech

17. März 2023


• The European Parliament has passed legislation that paves the way for the creation of an EU-wide digital wallet.
• The digital wallet will use blockchain technology and zero-knowledge-proof technology to provide secure and private authentication for users.
• Negotiations with the Council are expected to take place soon, leading to the implementation of the framework.

EU Parliament Passes Legislation

The European Parliament has passed a proposal for an EU-wide digital identity framework which will provide citizens with access to a range of public services while safeguarding their privacy. At the heart of this legislation is the creation of a digital wallet for each citizen, which will allow them to store and manage their digital identity. This proposed framework was supported by 418 votes in favor, 103 against, and 24 abstentions in the European Parliament’s plenary vote.

Digital Wallet Technology

To ensure that users‘ privacy is protected, this framework will incorporate zero-knowledge-proof technology. This technology allows for the verification of a position without revealing any unnecessary data, providing a secure and privacy-preserving way to authenticate users. Furthermore, blockchain technology will be used to create a transparent and secure ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions within this wallet system.

Negotiations with Council Coming Soon

With the proposal passing through the European Parliament’s plenary vote, negotiations with the council are expected to take place soon before it can be implemented as an official policy. Once finalized, citizens across Europe would have access to this secure and convenient way to interact with governmental services without sacrificing their privacy or security.


The proposed EU-wide digital identity framework is one step closer towards becoming reality after its successful passage through the European Parliament’s plenary vote. With blockchain technology at its core, it is set up to provide citizens across Europe with secure access to public services while protecting their privacy at all times through zero-knowledge proof authentication methods. Negotiations between parliament and council are expected soon before its full implementation can take place across Europe.

Shiba Inu Price May Jump to $0.00002: 111 Trillion Tokens to Burn

10. März 2023

• Shiba Inu price has dropped by more than 12% since the previous trading day and pierced through the crucial support at $0.00001, validating the commencement of a fine bearish wave.
• The platform aims to uplift the SHIB price to $0.01 and hence burn 100 trillion SHIB each year.
• If 1% of fees get stacked on Shibarium, the burn rate may double and reach 111 trillion tokens per year.


Shiba Inu price continue to flash bullish signals despite the market conditions go extremely bearish. The prices have dropped by more than 12% since the previous trading day and pierced through the crucial support at $0.00001, validating the commencement of a fine bearish wave. However, in a longer perspective, the price is believed to rise above the yearly highs and head towards $0.00002 very soon.

Shibarium Launch

Shytoshi Kusama, Shibaswap’s lead developer, recently confirmed that the Shibarium beta version will be released this week. The SHIBArmy was overjoyed about its launch until the market unexpectedly collapsed driving down SHIB token prices below psychological level of $0.00001.

Burning Mechanism & Possibilities

If things happen as per plan, 111 trillion tokens could be burned every year which is 20% of entire supply in circulation currently . With launch of Shibarium on ShibaSwap , there’s possibility of burning another trillion tokens each year . With transaction fee for SHIB token burns on ShibaSwap being 1%, nearly 3 .7 trillion SHIB tokens may be burned each month . For a year ,burn rate may reach more than 44 trillion ,which may be out of circulation . Moreover if 1% fees get stacked on Shibarium ,the burn rate may double & reach 111 trillion tokens per year pushing up prices higher & slashing couple zeros from their value .

Price Forecast

The chart displays formation of ‚Adam & Eve‘ trend reversal pattern in daily chart which is one variety of double bottom pattern where in first bottom is on largest volumes & second bottom is ‘u-shaped’ ,protracted with unremarkable volume giving rise to possibility that price triggers rebound very soon .


The upcoming launch of Shibarium along with proper burning mechanism could lead to further increase in value for Shiba Inu Token eventually leading it beyond $ 0 . 000017 mark within shorter period time frame

Collateral Network Soars In Crypto Space, Decentraland and Avalanche Struggle

4. März 2023

• Decentraland (MANA) is unable to acquire any VR client and its token’s market performance has been bullish for the past few days.
• Avalanche (AVAX) has declined by 11.3% since December 2022 and recently experienced a surge in demand during its public sale.
• Collateral Network (COLT), an oncoming protocol, is all the rage in the crypto space with estimated 35x gains within 6 months for the new token.

Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland (MANA) is a virtual reality platform that uses the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain and enables content and app creation, consumption, and monetization. Despite having virtual reality as a core element, Decentraland (MANA) has been unable to get a single VR client onboard. The price of Decentraland (MANA) is $0.34 at the moment, which is a 10.5% increase from a day earlier but still 94% below its all-time high of $5.9.

Avalanche (AVAX)

The blockchain Avalanche (AVAX), which is well known for its smart contracts, is seen as Ethereum’s (ETH) competitor. Avalanche (AVAX)’s performance in 2022 was not good as it lost around 86.4% of its value but it recently experienced some good news as it witnessed surge in demand during its public sale; however, since December 2022 it has declined by 11.3%.

Collateral Network (COLT)

An oncoming protocol, Collateral Network(COLT), has become all the rage in the crypto space with estimated 35x gains within 6 months for the new token due to immense potentials that this network offers to future investors or users alike compared to other protocols out there presently in this particular industry space .


In conclusion , while Decentraland(MANA )has failed to acquire any VR clients and Avalanche(AVAX )is down 11 .3 % since December , Collateral Network(COLT )experiences huge demand during presale with estimated 35x gainswithin6 months forthe new token .

Earn Crypto Rewards with WEWE Global’s Innovative Platform!

25. Februar 2023


• WEWE Global is a crypto-centric platform offering a wide range of products and services accessible to people worldwide.
• The platform features Referral Program, DAO structure and innovative crypto-centric products.
• It requires dedication, hard work and an understanding of the Referral Program to build and maintain a successful business.

Referral Program

WEWE Global offers an excellent opportunity for digital entrepreneurs to succeed in their business ventures with its Referral Program. Users can become Independent WEWE Associates (IWA) and build their own business, earning rewards through bonus plans as well as accessing third-party products through the platform. This feature creates ample opportunities for crypto users to capitalize on their network and receive additional rewards for their efforts.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

The platform’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) structure ensures that the development is community-driven, with members proposing and voting on projects. Every member has a say in the direction of the platform, creating a sense of ownership among community members which increases transparency throughout the process. Additionally, this keeps the WEWE Global up to date with current trends in the rapidly changing crypto landscape.

Crypto-Centric Products & Services

WEWE Global’s innovative crypto-centric products are accessible to people worldwide, allowing users to purchase them using various cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH or WEWE virtual token. The intuitive interface makes it easier for users to navigate through different functionalities without any hassle while they take advantage of low transaction fees associated with these payments methods.


Overall, WEWE Global provides reliable and legitimate opportunities for digital entrepreneurs looking to gain success in their businesses by leveraging its features such as Referral Program, DAO structure and innovative crypto-centric products & services that are accessible globally at minimal transaction fees. However, interested parties should educate themselves about all aspects of the platform before investing time or money into it so that they may have a better understanding of what it takes for them to succeed in building a successful business venture via WEWE Global’s offerings.

BTC at Crossroads: $25K – Bullish Trend or Bearish Future?

19. Februar 2023

• Bitcoin (BTC) recently surged 12% in a single day and sparked signs of a potential bull market this quarter.
• The BTC price is currently near the crucial $25K level, leaving investors confused about the upcoming price trend.
• Bitcoin’s indicator has recently flashed green, providing a bullish outlook for the cryptocurrency and pushing its price by 640%.

Bitcoin Surges 12% as Signs of Bull Market Spark

Bitcoin (BTC) recently surged 12% in a single day and sparked signs of a potential bull market this quarter. After witnessing a massive influx of funds near the $21.5K level, the BTC price surged to $25K and made a minor rejection, confusing investors about the upcoming price trend. Market analysts believe that Bitcoin’s wild price swings are a sign of a bullish and healthy market, while others are concerned about a market crash ahead as the volatility is too extreme to handle ongoing events.

Bitcoin Flashes ‚Mother Of All Signals‘

The BTC price is showing significant warnings to bears as its indicator recently flashed green, which is known as ‘the mother of all signals’ according to crypto analyst Mohit Sorout. This rare buy signal for Bitcoin provides an optimistic outlook for the digital asset with Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) hinting at an upcoming bull market for BTC’s price. Cameron Winklevoss, co-founder of Gemini cryptocurrency exchange also expressed his views on Bitcoin’s outstanding performance stating that this surge beyond $25,000 is an indication of crypto markets‘ recovery from its tough situation caused by FTX’s demise.

What Scenarios Could Develop Near $25K?

The $25K level is playing an essential role in bringing two scenarios; either it will validate bullish sentiments or lead to bearish future for Bitcoin’s price across different exchanges around world wide web. If more slowdown in volatility develops then it will create bearish scenario with spike in short positions; however if buyers can push BTC above $25k then it will confirm bullish sentiments among speculators and investors alike.

Market Conditions Indicate Bullish or Bearish Price Trend?

At present there are mixed opinions regarding whether or not Bitcoin will remain in bull run or enter into bearish territory near the $25K crossroad due to recent activities across different exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase Pro respectively. Some traders think that higher volatility may become bearish for long term investments while other experts state that although these prices swings can be difficult but still they indicate healthy markets which usually leads towards positive outcomes over time frame such as 6 months or 1 year respectively .


In conclusion , it appears that current market conditions suggest that there could be both bullish and bearish future ahead depending upon how buyers react to crucial resistance levels especially near 25000 USD mark . However , more detailed analysis might be required before any definite conclusion could be drawn about which direction prices might take next .

Factors That Could Push Bitcoin Price Up: Analysts Reveal

12. Februar 2023

• Bitcoin has recently been trading below its key level of $22,000.
• Crypto market analysts are predicting a bumpy ride in 2023.
• Factors such as the US Dollar Index and the Fed’s interest rate hikes might influence crypto prices ahead.

Bitcoin Struggles to Regain Lost Key Level

Bitcoin has been struggling to regain its lost key level of $22,000 and is currently trading around $21,500. The overall crypto market had gained massive profits at the beginning of 2023 but has seen a sell-off due to SEC’s move against Kraken and speculation that Coinbase might be next. Market experts believe that the cryptocurrency market will have a bumpy ride in 2023 until at least the third quarter of 2023.

Factors Influencing Bitcoin Price

The US Dollar Index (DXY) is said to have an influence on Bitcoin price as it is observed that Bitcoin mostly follows DXY – thus if DXY continues its positive move, BTC could soon regain its rally again. Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes are expected to continue until inflation rate drops below 2%. This decision could also affect crypto prices ahead depending on what comes out from January CPI report scheduled for Feb 14th.

Crypto Analysts‘ Opinions

Crypto analysts Delphi Digital claim that the Crypto market will have a bumpy ride in 2023 while Kevin Kelly and Jason Pagoulatos speculate that negative macro events will further pull down the market till at least Q3 of 2023.

SEC Move Against Kraken

The SEC’s move against Kraken was unexpected which resulted in a major sell-off and after Kraken decided to end its staking service traders speculated that Coinbase will be next. This event gave rise to concerns over how the crypto market would fare in coming days.


In conclusion, there are several factors which could influence cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin prices ahead such as US Dollar Index movements and Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes among others; however these decisions often depend on macro events such as January CPI report scheduled for Feb 14th which can help predict future trends better.

Bitcoin Bulls on Fire: Analyst Predicts 150% Price Pump Before July

5. Februar 2023

• George Tung, an expert in cryptocurrencies and a popular YouTuber, has forecast that the price of Bitcoin would skyrocket by 150% in the next three to four months, taking it to a total of $50,000.
• The fact that the king coin was able to recover after hitting the $22,800 support level on February 1 suggests that bulls are buying declines to this level.
• On February 2, the bulls were able to drive the price higher, over $24,000; however they were unable to maintain those higher levels.

Bitcoin Bulls On Fire

Bitcoin is showing tendencies similar to those seen in 2019 with analyst George Tung predicting a 150% price increase before July.

Signs Of Bullish Dominance

The fact that Bitcoin was able to recover after hitting its support level at $22,800 suggests that bulls are buying declines. The price rose over $24,000 but then fell back down again indicating further resistance ahead.

Technical Indicators

Moving averages are climbing higher and RSI is in an overbought zone which suggest an upwards trend for Bitcoin. If it moves higher from its current trading position at $23400 it could reach a new all-time high of $25000. However if it closes below its 20-day exponential moving average at $22279 then it may indicate weakness and fall back down to around $21480.

What Does This Mean?

Crypto enthusiasts must weigh up whether Bitcoin will reach its predicted goal of reaching $25000 or face roadblocks along the way. Further market developments will be needed before any solid conclusions can be made as to Bitcoin’s future performance.


Exploring the Cannabis World with Ganja Guruz NFTs!

30. Januar 2023

• Ganja Guruz is a cutting-edge NFT platform that offers unique, one-of-a-kind NFTs.
• BudBlockz (BLUNT) Ganja Guruz NFT is a unique investment option, with fractional ownership in the cannabis market and exclusive membership bonuses.
• The art design concept of Ganja Guruz was created with video games from the 90s in mind, making it a work of art.

Ganja Guruz is quickly making a name for itself in the world of digital art and collectibles. The platform offers a wide range of unique, one-of-a-kind NFTs that appeal to collectors and art enthusiasts alike. Ganja Guruz is particularly popular for its cannabis-themed art and collectibles. Whether you are a fan of marijuana culture or appreciate the aesthetic, you’ll find something to love on this platform. From stunning digital paintings and illustrations to unique 3D models and animations, there’s something for everyone.

One of the most exciting aspects of Ganja Guruz is its investment potential. BudBlockz (BLUNT) Ganja Guruz NFT is an example of a good NFT to invest in, with its alluring real-world applications. BudBlockz NFT allows you to obtain fractional ownership in the cannabis market. It gives you access to a percentage of dispensaries and farms and the ability to earn yearly dividends. In addition, you will receive exclusive membership bonuses and discounts at all participating partner stores. The total collection of 10,000 exclusive NFTs will be released at a reasonable, predetermined price.

The art design concept of Ganja Guruz was created with video games from the 90s in mind, making it a work of art. The designs are fun and unique, and the platform offers something for everyone. Whether you are a fan of cannabis culture or just appreciate the aesthetic, you’ll find something you love on this platform. Plus, the investment potential makes it a great option for those looking to make a sound investment in the digital art and collectibles market.

Ganja Guruz is quickly making its mark in the world of digital art and collectibles. From its cannabis-themed art and collectibles to its investment potential, the platform offers something for everyone. So, if you’re looking for an exciting and unique way to invest in the digital art and collectibles market, then Ganja Guruz is definitely worth checking out.

David Schwartz Regrets Not Distributing More XRP Tokens When Price Was Low

23. Januar 2023

1. David Schwartz, the chief technology officer of Ripple, has expressed regret that Ripple did not distribute more tokens when the price of XRP was low.
2. He believes that the current situation has become significantly more challenging due to the influx of tokens now that the price of XRP is at $0.4.
3. Schwartz believes that all tokens should be released into the market while the price is at its lowest to avoid taxation for American citizens.

David Schwartz, the Chief Technology Officer of Ripple, has recently expressed his regret over not distributing more tokens when the price of XRP was low. He believes that the current situation has become significantly more challenging due to the influx of tokens over the past few months, with the price of XRP now sitting at a steady $0.4.

This discussion was brought on by the recent airdrop of the FLR token from the Flare Network, and Schwartz believes that there are more obstacles than just the current market conditions. He argued that, due to taxation, American citizens would be subject to regular income tax if they received these tokens, meaning they would have to sell about 50% of the tokens when they receive them. This, he believes, is one of the reasons why all tokens should be released into the market while the price is at its lowest.

Ripple is a for-profit corporation, and the XRP in the escrow belongs to them. This means that there is no community ownership and no vote when it comes to the distribution of the tokens. This is a stark contrast to the Flare airdrop, where the tokens are meant to benefit the ecosystem and the community has a vote on the matter.

Schwartz has made it clear that he believes Ripple should have released more tokens when the price was low, as it would have allowed for a much smoother transition into the current market conditions. Unfortunately, this is no longer possible, and Ripple is now dealing with the consequences of their decision. It is unclear how Ripple will proceed going forward, but it is certain that Schwartz’s insight into the XRP supply and token distribution is invaluable.

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